Varied and Demanding Applications

2 success stories

For years, ferritic grades have been extensively used in two types of particularly demanding applications:

Car exhaust systems are exposed to high temperatures and corrosive environments. The use of ferritic stainless steels enables an increase in the warranty period for these components.

Washing machine drums must withstand contact with detergents and a potentially constantly humid environment.

The owners of cars and washing machines appreciate the long service life of their appliances. For the manufacturers of these products, the “ease of manufacture” and major economic advantages make ferritic stainless steel an obvious choice.

A multitude of applications

Today, ferritic grades are commonly used in the fields of kitchen utensils, cutlery, automotive trim, boilers, tanks, chimney flues, the chemical and oil industries, maritime applications, aeronautics, etc.

Many other applications are still waiting to be invented…