Extraordinary Meeting 25 January 2011

The spin-off of the stainless business from ArcelorMittal will be proposed to the ArcelorMittal shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be convened in Luxembourg for 25 January 2011.

Shareholder documentation to the spin off:

  • Aperam and ArcelorMittal EGMs official publication - 2 February 2011 pdf icon
  • Press release Spanish pdf icon
  • Press release English pdf icon
  • Press release French pdf icon
  • Convening notice Spanish pdf icon
  • Convening notice English pdf icon
  • Convening notice French pdf icon
  • European listing prospectus pdf icon
  • Supplement to European listing prospectus pdf icon
  • Spin off proposal pdf icon
  • Reports of the boards of Directors pdf icon
  • Extraordinary general meeting - Notarial deed and resolutions pdf icon
  • Aperam restated articles of incorporation pdf icon