Stainless workshop

As part of our Customer Loyalty program, we invite our customers to participate in our stainless workshops.

Feel comfortable with KARA grades

Recently, KARA grades have become available at lower cost and demand has risen. This alternative offer still raises questions about working the material. As market leader for ferritic solutions – KARA – we have a clear responsibility to share our skills and expertise with you. We want you to feel comfortable working with these grades.

Practical training for craftsmen

This series of sheet metal workshops is typically oriented towards craftsmen. We will enter into great practical detail. The sessions will be based on the assumption that participants are familiar with working austenitic stainless steels. Case-studies will be discussed and elementary fabrication will be demonstrated

Since stainless steels are a versatile family of metallic materials to start with, a variety of subjects will be addressed:

  • Welding
  • Forming
  • Corrosion
  • and surface treatment.

Technical activities at our Research Centre

The workshops take place at Aperam Isbergues - France, the location of our production facility and Research Centre dedicated to flat stainless.

Technical activities can be conducted thanks to the resources available at the Research Centre. These include specific applied corrosion tests, mechanical behaviour quantification, forming, design guidelines using computer simulation and modelling through co-design.

In order to apply for this training, please contact your usual sales contact or contact us.