R&D Centre

You also benefit from the expertise of our Aperam Research Centre dedicated to stainless steels.

The Aperam Research Centre dedicated to Stainless Steel is located within the Isbergues production plant and serves all Stainless Europe production plants, Service Centres and Development managers. It aims to be the portal for all technical questions relating to the production and use of austenitic, ferritic, martensitic and austeno-ferritic stainless steels.

With the aim of offering a one-stop shop to answer to any questions that may arise about the use of stainless steel, the Research Centre is also at the heart of a worldwide technical network including the other Aperam Research Centres in Europe, the United States and Brazil, and has numerous partnerships with renowned universities.

R&D also supports customers in optimising their process. Many devices are available to help tool and part modelling and then use to their best advantage of the new grades offered by Stainless Europe through welding and forming support.