Process and food industryProcess and food industry

Our traditional austenic stainless steel solutions, combined with an exclusive alternative offer

Specialists in food industry, cosmetic and chemistry sectors, you stand at the core of our development.

We offer you a wide range of stainless steel solutions to remain competitive, whatever be the context of raw material costs:

  • The proven value, our 304 (18-9E) austenitic grade for your common applications, or our 316L (18-11ML) to answer high demanding properties for corrosion resistance
  • Our new austenitic grade containing manganese, 201D (17-4Mn), authentic alternative to 304 (18-9E), with similar mechanical properties and corrosion resistance
  • An alternative offer with our exclusive KARA ferritic stainless steel solutions: our K41 for non-severe environments in particular; and our K44 with its resistance to localised corrosion equivalent to 304 (18-9E), can stand for a true economic alternative.

Stainless Europe, via its subsidiaries Stainless Tubes Europe and ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, provides tubes and flat bars within the same range.

Stainless Europe entends to build enduring partnership through ongoing support and customer proximity.

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