Case studies

Bourgeat S.A.S : “A ferritic steel suited to our products’’

Faced with unstable nickel prices and the risks of a shortage of 304, we were the first to include products in K41 stainless in our catalogue. Constantly evolving to improve our products, we make it a point of honour to address our customers’ true requirements while providing them with stable prices.”
Gérard Rozier, Bourgeat S.A.S, catering equipment manufacturer.

TEKNO-LAM uses the K41TEKNO-LAM uses the K41

“Traditionally, we had used 304 stainless. Following the massive price hikes, we sought alternative solutions and ferritic stainless steels seem to us to be the short-, medium- and long-term solution.

We are now using the K41 grade for the manufacture of cabinets, shelves and canopies. It seems to us that it provides better mechanical durability. But of course, the key advantage lies in its great price stability, which has an immediate impact for us, a significant increase in our sales.”
Leopold Vereecke, TEKNO-LAM, Catering equipment manufacturer.