Stainless steel: the material of chef!

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Your equipment for restaurants and catering must comply with specific essential requirements:

  • Food safety material
  • Bacteriologically neutral
  • Easily cleanable
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable
  • Attractive appearance
  • Corrosion resistance

To be competitive in your market, you must also be able to offer this equipment to your customers at a stable price.

Our KARA ferritic steels: an ideal solution for your sector

Stainless steels have become indispensable in all large kitchens. Although traditionnal austenitic steel 18-9E is still very much present in catering equipment, you increasingly opt for our KARA ferritic steels.

Our KARA ferritic steels

Advantages of the KARA range:

  • A stable price: our KARA range contains no nickel and is therefore not subjected to the sharp price fluctuations of this alloying element.
  • Key properties for restaurants and canteens: low thermal dilatation, good thermal conductivity and magnetism, very interesting in catering in particular for induction cooking and cloosing systems.
  • A great variety of available surface finishes, from matt to bright, including the brushed and polished conditions. You can thus offer to chefs personalised kitchens that become the reflection of their art.

Within our KARA range, we have selected the grades most suited to your challenges:

  • K30 / K30ED for parts subjected to slightly corrosive environments
  • K41, K45K36  for parts subjected to cleaning products followed by rinsing
  • K44 for very salty and corrosive environments


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