For light, high-performance structures, our 100% Stainless Europe solutions.

For an optimum response to your customers' expectations, you must enable them to construct buildings:

  • Lightweight members
  • Optimum service life
  • Ease of transformation
  • Quick and simple to erect and install

A stainless Europe solution for structure in the form of grade K03

  • Integral to our range of KARA ferritic stainless steels, grade K03 is ideal for light-framed buildings such as domestic housing.

Select advantages of our K03 grade include:

  • Its stable price: like the other KARA grades, it contains no nickel, the price of which fluctuates sharply
  • Its mechanical properties and impact resistance
  • The possibilities of reducing the thickness, thanks to the high mechanical properties, which allows a potential reduction in the overall weight of the structure due to lighter members and therefore of the building
  • Its ease and speed of processing
  • Its corrosion and abrasion resistance, superior to those of conventional construction steels.

You can also use our classic austenitic steels 18-9E and 18-11ML.

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