An extensive choice of surface finishes: UGINOX Patina and UGINOX Top

In order to meet the needs of all styles of architecture, we offer you a comprehensive range of surface finishes, from matt to bright, which can be achieved on various grades of stainless steels.

Zentrum Paul Klee - Berne - Switzerland
Zentrum Paul Klee - Berne - Switzerland. Renzo Piano Building Workshop in collaboration with ARB (Berne). (c) RPBW- Michel Denancé.

A grade of stainless steel

Corresponds to a steel product characterised by its chemical composition. This composition has a direct influence on its resistance to corrosion and its mechanical properties.

Surface finishes

They are the result of mechanical or physico-chemical treatment of the surface of the steel. Surface finishes can be reproduced on different grades of stainless steel.All that is required is to identify the grade of stainless steel and the surface finish.

                           UGINOX Patina                                                                   UGINOX Top 
UGINOX® tinned

Our UGINOX tinned range comprises austenitic or ferritic steels with an electro-tinned coating on both side. These grades weather over time, imparting a changing character and a matt finish that are highly prized for roofing. The tin tones down the stainless steel's natural lustre, enabling it to blend into all environments, while retaining its stainless properties. This surface finish is characterised from installation by a permanent and durable matt finish. It blends into all types of environment, both rural and urban, traditional or modern, and is suited to all styles of architecture. This finish easy to solder.










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