Reflective surfaces alongside matt surfaces… Our ranges of surface finishes liberate architectural creativity !

Sector specialists, you have to:

  • Provide an optimum response to your customers' expectations: long service life, attractiveness, choice.
  • Allow architects complete creative freedom.  

Our permanent solution, K36

Within the Stainless Europe offer - the most extensive on the market – we have selected a solution which meets your needs perfectly: our K36  ferritic stainless steel.

Advantages of our K36 ferritic stainless steel:

  • A stable price: like the other KARA grades, it contains no nickel, the price of which fluctuates sharply
  • Its corrosion resistance, which makes it high-performing in most slightly or moderately corrosive environments
  • The extreme diversity of its surface finishes
  • And above all, its ease of forming, which allows the manufacture of claddings and sections.

The facade of our new service centre at Siemianowice, in Poland, was built entirely in K36.
The facade of our new service centre at Siemianowice, in Poland, was built entirely in K36.

Surface finishes : the aesthetic solution!

  • UGINOX Bright: Bright annealed, it has been designed specially to provide you with exceptional surface uniformity and flatness. It produces a unique mirror effect.
  • UGINOX Touch: Its shot-peened type surface is obtained by etching. It enables you to highlight the material aspect of the steel, with very elegant dimensions.
  • UGINOX Rolled-On: This uniform surface is produced by etching. It is reminiscent of polished surfaces but provides you with better uniformity and reproducibility.
  • UGINOX Sand: This surface of uniform sandblasted appearance offers the designer flexibility and freedom. You can very easily use it together with other materials such as wood, glass and concrete.
  • UGINOX Mat: This uniform glossy surface finish can be used for elegant, very attractive products. Due to its flat surface, you can play with light and shapes.
  • UGINOX Top: It takes on a permanent and durable matt appearance as soon as it is installed. You can incorporate it in all types of environment, rural or urban, traditional or modern, and adapt it to all styles of architecture.

To find out more :

For more information, consult our dedicated website Uginox.com