Exhaust system

Strength, long life, choice: our KARA ferritic range meets all your requirements.

For your products to be the most competitive, you are looking for:

  • Diversified stainless steel ranges
  • Extremely resistant to high temperatures
  • With excellent service life
  • But also ultra-responsive logistic services and customised support.

As European leader in the exhaust market, we meet all the requirements of the major sector players.

The stainless steel exhaust system

The stainless steel exhaust system

  • K09X : 11% chromium, a solution for manifold flanges and hanging systems.
  • K09X with a coating consisting of Aluminium and Silicon, a solution for applications requiring good external corrosion resistance.
  • K39M :16.5% chromium, good corrosion resistance, a solution for intermediate pipes.
  • K33X, K36X and K41X : 18% chromium, a solution for emission control systems (DPF, SCR, EGR); cold parts where they ensure excellent corrosion resistance.
  • K44X :19% chromium, a solution for hot parts (manifolds), where they ensure good resistance to high temperatures and a long service life.

In implementing your stainless steel solutions, we support you with our services :

  • We provide commercial follow-up worldwide
  • We propose to you a comprehensive logistics offering with deliveries directly or via our service centres located close to your factories
  • We assure you of proactive technical support, with attentive personnel
  • We offer you customised support, often as of the development stage in your projects. In particular, the new legislative requirements regarding environmental questions encourage many customers to work in close cooperation with us well upstream of their projects.

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