Coaches and bus structureCoaches and Bus Structure

For buses with greater fuel economy and passenger safety : Our 100% Stainless Europe solutions

To provide your customers with the highest-performance products, you are looking for materials that ensure:

  • Long service life, in particular with excellent corrosion resistance
  • Minimum weight for reduced fuel consumption
  • Maximum safety: materials must be capable of absorbing as much energy as possible in the event of impacts.

Our K03 : all the value of our KARA ferritics for your market

  • A stable price: like the other KARA grades; our K03 K03 – with 11% chromium – contains virtually no nickel (0.4%), the price of which fluctuates sharply
  • Excellent resilience, greater than that of other ferritic stainless steel grades
  • Good mechanical properties, superior to those of carbon steels. They allow the design of vehicles that are lighter, hence more fuel-efficient.
  • Good resistance to high temperatures, which limits structural deformation in the event of fire.
  • Also available in tube form. The range of thicknesses in K03 is one of the broadest on the market for hot-rolled products (from 1.88 mm to 8 mm), making this a major selling point with manufacturers.

Our traditional offering: our 18-9E grade :

  • Historically used for its excellent mechanical properties
  • Good resilience
  • Good corrosion resistance

Coaches and bus structure

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