Automotive Structure

Provide new value added for your customers; use our austenitic stainless steels for car areas exposed to impacts

Two major trends are encouraging carmakers to build more fuel-efficient and hence lighter cars:

  • High fuel prices
  • Increasingly demanding legislative requirements regarding the environment

To obtain lighter cars, manufacturers can reduce the thickness of body-in-white parts; but at the same time they reduce the material's shock absorption capability in the event of impacts.

Now, safety expectations are likewise becoming greater. To build lighter structures which absorb energy better in the event of impacts, you are therefore constantly looking for materials with exceptional mechanical properties.
Unparalleled ductility with our dedicated austenitic grade

Within the Stainless Europe offer - the most complete on the market – we have selected a solution which meets your needs perfectly: our austenitic stainless steel 18-7L, 1.4318, with cold rolling.

Its excellent ductility (between about 300 and 1000 MPa) makes it an ideal product for extremely complex body-in-white parts.

Large-scale tests have been carried out in recent years with all the leading carmakers in Europe and the United States: the MIT cost model, based on the USLAB model, has shown that the total cost of body-in-white parts can justify the use of austenitic stainless steels. To discover all our Stainless Europe solutions, click here.

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