Automotive Decoration

Room for imagination… Our customised selection of KARA ferritic stainless steels provides you with incomparable good looks

Your customers demand for their cars decorative parts that are:

  • Resistant: to corrosion, impacts (without breaking, cracking or splintering), and to scratches
  • Easy to maintain
  • And, of course, with high-quality appearance.

Our seven KARA ferritic grades for dazzling cars

You have a choice between:

  • For interior decoration: K30K36 and K45 depending on your corrosion requirements
  • For exterior decoration: K36K45 and K44 depending on your corrosion requirements


  • Surface qualities that are equivalent to, or even exceed those of our austenitic stainless steel 18-9 E, often used for this type of application in the past
  • A stable price: unlike the 18-9 E grade, our KARA range contains no nickel, the price of which is subject to sharp fluctuations
  • Numerous presentations available, from polished to brushed and from matt to bright, to leave stylists and designers free to use their imagination. Note that our BA (bright annealed) finish is the most widely used in this sector due to its exceptional aesthetic qualities.

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