KARA Responsibility : Passing On Our Expertiste By Building Enduring Partnerships

Enduring relationship are beyond price

We build a transparent and enduring relationship with each and every customer: in our view, it is the prerequisite for deriving the maximum advantage from our respective expertise and creating value together.

The KARA offer promotes the development of genuine long-term partnerships, as attested by our customers.

water heaterKaukora Oy, water heater manufacturer, Finland

“In the 1970s, the Finnish water heater market was dominated by copper-coated and enamelled steel hot water tanks. Kaukora took the bold decision to commence manufacture of hot water tanks in stainless steel. The right solution was found following several tests and research. For us, the right solution was stabilised ferritic stainless steel.

We identified a European supplier who has always been devoted to developing the properties of ferritic stainless steels. Stainless Europe (formerly Ugine & Alz), a member of the ArcelorMittal Group, believed in the ferritic steel market and developed its expertise in this field.

For example, we have not had the slightest complaint in respect of the K44 product in the last 7 years. This is proof of ArcelorMittal’s technical superiority in this field.

Cooperation with ArcelorMittal has encouraged us, as a hot water cylinder manufacturer, to invest for the future. I hope that this cooperation will endure and that this partnership will continue to benefi t both of us.”

Raimo Aaltonen - www.kaukora.fi

the cuisine des cesars in neversThe Cuisine des CESARs in Nevers

“The Cuisine des CESARs in Nevers is unique in the world; it is the crucible for numerous new technologies, gleaned from Japan to Canada or invented for this project. Ferritic stainless steels are quite naturally in prime position.

At Nevers, all the ceilings, the extractor hoods, but also the containers (CESARs), the wash-hand basins and all external surfaces are in K41 stainless steel. This offers numerous advantages, both functional (magnetism) and environmental (reduced carbon footprint), as well as economic (price stability), thus justifying the use of almost 10 times more stainless steel than in a standard kitchen.”

François Tesnière, architect, 3bornes ARCHITECTES.


tekno lam

“Traditionally, we had used 304 stainless. Following the massive price hikes, we sought alternative solutions and ferritic stainless steels seem to us to be the short-, medium- and long-term solution.

We are now using the K41 grade for the manufacture of cabinets, shelves and canopies. It seems to us that it provides better mechanical durability. But of course, the key advantage lies in its great price stability, which has an immediate impact for us, a significant increase in our sales.”

Leopold Vereecke, TEKNO-LAM, Catering equipment manufacturer.