Technical Performance: Products That Fulfil The Requirements Of Their Era

Excellent resistance to corrosion

Like other stainless steels, ferritic stainless steels are constantly protected from corrosion by virtue of the protective chromium oxide film that forms naturally on their surface.  The choice of grade within the KARA range must take account of the equipment’s conditions of use.

E.g. grade  K44 is ideally suited to use in a highly chlorinated or coastal environment. 

Whereas  is sufficient for an internal item exposed to non-corrosive environments.

Proud to be magnetic

Of the various categories of stainless steels, only the austenitics – which have a high nickel or manganese content – are not magnetic. KARA ferritic stainless steels are therefore magnetic and proud of it.  Indeed, magnetism proves very useful for certain applications such as induction cooking equipment or door catches.
Magnetism has no connection with corrosion resistance.

But also…

Other properties, common to all stainless steels contribute to making KARA products solutions that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of their era: food grade conformity, ease of cleaning and hygiene, heat resistance, thermal conductivity, aesthetics, durability and technical advantages such as stampability and weldability.

For further information on our products’ technical performance: view our technical data sheets for individual grades