A remarkable transformation

Ferritic stainless steels are not new: manufacturers, users and producers in the stainless steel market have been aware of them for many years.

However, for a long time the image of this category of stainless steels remained somewhat negative: grade 430 was then the only one available and the technical support provided did not enable its users to understand the limitations on its use, particularly under harsh corrosive conditions. The idea – mistaken but persistent – that ferritics were inferior to austenitic stainless steels then became widespread.

Those times are over: as a result of intensive research and development work, today there are a large number of diversified quality grades  to fulfil all users’ requirements. Moreover, Stainless Europe undertakes to support you  in the processing of your ferritic solutions.

The properties of ferritic stainless steels are currently largely comparable to those of austenitics: it is therefore incorrect to regard these ferritic grades as inferior or superior to austenitics. They are simply different and this is their value.