KARA Accuracy : A Solution For Each Application

A very diverse range

KARA is a very extensive range of high-performance ferritic grades that perfectly satisfies the most diverse requirements.

This very extensive, well-defined product range enables you to buy the appropriate grade, the one that incorporates only those properties that are truly of use to you.

To confirm your choice or to formulate it together, nothing can then surpass direct dialogue with one of our experts: don’t hesitate to contact us.

For further information, see our documentation.
For even more information, view our technical data sheets for individual grades.

The fruit of constant research and innovation

Using iterative techniques, our experts develop grades precisely tailored to your requirements: adding certain elements to existing grades, they obtain the new properties that are required.

A new, clearer nomenclature

Stainless Europe has devised a new nomenclature for its KARA ferritic stainless steels, with two advantages for its customers:

  • This new nomenclature is now based on the AISI standard, the international reference; it can therefore be understood by everyone;
  • Moreover, the K of KARA replaces the 4 in the old designations, for immediate and straightforward identification of our ferritic products.