A complete range

The most comprehensive product range on the market

Stainless Europe offers you a vast range of solutions which is enriched regularly as your needs increase. With the support of our experts, you select the best grade: that which enables you to buy the properties that are really useful for your product or your customer.

Within our product range, you have a wide-ranging choice between:

  • Our KARA ferritic stainless steels. With no nickel, they are unaffected by major fluctuations in nickel prices: a precious advantage to ensure great price stability for your customers, for proven performance. KARA is also a perfect understanding of your requirements, long-term support and services systematically associated with all our products.
  • Our new manganese grade, 17-4 Mn, an Aperam exclusivity. Economical, it combines excellent corrosion resistance with good mechanical properties. This is the only manganese grade in the world available in a 2-metre width.
  • Our Duplex 22-05: Thanks to its exceptional corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, it is perfectly suited for very stringent environments. It is commonly used in desalination and in the oil, gas and paper industries, for example. It allows industrial firms to optimise:
    • their purchasing costs (stainless steel being tougher, they can buy it in smaller, hence less expensive thicknesses);
    • the performance and service life of their applications.
  • Our historic product offering: austenitic stainless steels and molybdenum austenitic stainless steels. Through very fine variations in their composition, we greatly optimise one or more properties, such as weldability or corrosion resistance. We thus define with you the solution precisely suited for each application. In some cases a "must", austenitic stainless steels are the historic benchmark for industrial markets.

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