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Our European facilities produce the full range of our stainless steel products. In 2016, steel shipments from Stainless & Electrical Steel Europe facilities represented 1,241 thousand tonnes and 1,182 thousand tonnes in 2015.

We have two electric arc furnace meltshops in Belgium, located in Genk and Châtelet. The Genk facility includes two electric arc furnaces, ladle refining metallurgy and a slab continuous caster and slab grinders. It also includes a cold rolling mill facility. The Châtelet facility is an integrated facility with a meltshop and a hot rolling mill. The Châtelet meltshop includes an electric arc furnace, argon-oxygen decarburising equipment, ladle furnaces refining metallurgy, a slab continuous caster and slab grinders.

Our cold rolling facilities in Europe consist of four cold rolling mill plants, located in Belgium (Genk) and France (Gueugnon, Isbergues and Pont-de-Roide). Our plants include annealing and pickling lines (with shot blasting and pickling equipment), cold rolling mills, bright annealing lines (in Gueugnon and Genk), skin-pass and finishing operations equipment. The Isbergues plant also includes a DRAP (“Direct Roll Anneal and Pickle”) line. The Genk plant is focused on austenitic steel products, the Gueugnon plant on ferritic products and the Isbergues plant on products dedicated to the automotive market (mainly ferritic steels) and industrial market (mainly austenitic steels). The Pont-de-Roide plant is focused on narrow precision strips. Our electric arc furnace recycling facility Recyco, located in France (Isbergues) recycles dust and slugs with the aim to retrieve stainless steel raw materials and reduce waste.

For its French perimeter, in line with law n° 2010-788 of 12 July 2010 on the National Commitment towards the Environment (ENE) and Decree N° 2011-829 of 11 July 2011 relating to the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions and territory-based climate-energy plan,
Aperam Stainless France has established its greenhouse gas emission balance. This report focuses on the production of the Gueugnon (Saône-et-Loire) and Isbergues (Pas-de-Calais) plants, as well as on its headquarters located in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis).
This report is a continuation of the actions undertaken by Aperam to monitor its greenhouse gas impact.
This publication is part of Aperam's integrated greenhouse gas emissions action plan.

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