Our activities range from engineering through thermal expertise to complete supply of elements for manufacturing new furnaces or their revamping.

We offer various types of heating elements:

  • Shaping resistances made from wire, ribbon or strip in alloy Ni-Cr or Fe-Cr-Al for temperatures up to 1350 ° C.

  • Centrifugated tubes made of refractory steel for the manufacture of radiant tubes or furnace's rollers with a wide range of sizes.

  • Batteries and heating frames made with resistance wire or strip, isolated by ceramic pieces or tubular resistances fixed on a specific metallic support suitable for the installation.

  • Direct heating tubes to achieve high power up to 60-65 Kw / sqm.

  • Tubes and ceramic holders in diameter 10 to 75 mm and lengths up to 2000 mm. They are used for applications up to 1300 ° C maximum.

  • Vacuum-formed fiber panels (200 Kg/m3) which, in the form of block, provide greater ease of installation and use up to 1200 ° C.

  • Radiant tubes and candles birdcage whose diameters can vary from 80 to 210 mm with an installed capacity up to 30 to 40 KW depending on the length. The resistance can be made of wire or pin shaped wire with diameters from 2.60 to 8 mm.