Addressing financial, environmental and safety constraints, innovative designs for LNG transfer lines consisting of pipes-in-pipes using Invar M93 TM enable the achievement of considerable savings by eliminating all expansion compensation systems.
The greater the distance between the mooring terminal and the coast, the greater the saving, particularly in a “subsea” configuration, making it possible to dispense with jetties and breakwaters and eliminating the cutting and maintenance of channels.
Furthermore, unlike stainless tubes, it requires no maintenance. Installed onshore or on a jetty, this Invar M93 TM rectilinear pipe-in-pipe technology also provides the solution to problems of lack of space or difficult layouts (partially buried lines…).
In order to optimise the thickness of Invar M93 TM tubes and to comply with specifications in force, ArcelorMittal Stainless & Nickel Alloys has developed a new welding wire for the manufacture of the pipes and their joining on site.
This grade, Invar M93 T TM was developed in order to obtain improved tensile and yield strengths (overmatching) without diminishing the other essential use values.

Piping, flanges and other manifolds installed on the sea bed at depths that can be in excess of 1500 metres. 

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