Ultra-deep offshore, acid gases, very deeply buried hydrocarbons at high pressures and temperatures are the challenges currently encountered in gas and oil exploration and production.To meet these challenges, Aperam Alloys Imphy offers engineering companies and the oil and gas companies an extensive range of alloys and superalloys combining high mechanical properties at ambient and elevated temperatures, excellent corrosion resistance, particularly for the extraction of fluids with high contents of H2S, SO2, free sulphur, CO2, chlorides…

Piping, flanges and other manifolds installed on the sea bed at depths that can be in excess of 1500 metres.

Related Grades:
- Superimphy 825
- Superimphy 625
- Superimphy 718
- Superimphy 276
- Superimphy 286
- Superimphy 925
- Superimphy 926
- Superimphy 928
- Nicrimphy B66
- Duplex: Phy 25-7N, Phy 22.05
- Special StainlessSteel: 904 L