The use of thermostatic bimetals represents a cheap and compact way of converting heat to mechanical energy. It is used in thermostats for temperature detection and control functions. Since the discovery of the Invar®, the Imphy site has accumulated more than a century of experience in the design and manufacture of the alloys used to make bimetals.

Temperature control functions are involved in numerous applications :


- In household appliances, such as water heaters, smoothing irons, washing machines, cookers, air conditioning systems, ovens, convector heaters, aquariums, etc.,

- In industrial equipment such as furnaces, ovens, greenhouses, welding irons, controlled temperature chambers, etc.


We have developed a wide range of grades adapted to all these applications, which are extensively used in various control, safety and thermal compensation devices, due to their excellent reliability and sturdiness.

The full range of products manufactured by Aperam Alloys Imphy covers virtually all the grades used.

A specific product designated Phydisc has been specially designed for rapid switching systems based on “snap-action” bimetal discs.


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