For this application, Aperam Alloys Imphy have exploited a specific property of its magnetic alloys, the Curie point.
The Curie point is the temperature beyond which an alloy ceases to respond to external magnetic excitation, such as that from an induction cooking hob.
This effect can be used to produce cooking utensils or induction heating vessels that will never exceed a given temperature.
One of the first applications is for frying pans whose temperature never exceeds 240°C. It is possible in this way to ensure that the food is correctly fried without burning, while at the same time preventing the overheating of fats.
Furthermore, non-stick coatings, which are damaged by prolonged heating above 240°C, are protected.
The system thus has numerous advantages, including more healthy food, energy savings, ease of use and extended useful life of the utensil.
In 2002, this innovation was awarded the first prize in the "General Public" category of the Siemens Innovation Grand Prix.
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