The nickel and cobalt properties meet many needs in the electronic components production.

The dimensional stability or the ability to seal metal / ceramic or glass make possible the high-quality components production.The soft magnetic alloys (called permalloys ") are also indicated for the completion of profiles for various modems and magnetic components.

Some of these alloys have been existing for many years, they are not commodities. Indeed, an important criterion of success for electronic applications is the stability in quality and performance. Some components are used in hostile environments or under conditions where maintenance is complicated, and the quality of materials used will depend on their performance and reliability. Moreover, the needs of competitiveness of the electronics industry justify to use a product to reduce not only the cost of supply but also the full cost of the product. To this end, Stainless & Nickel Alloys offers its customers to join their efforts in R & D to provide the product that best suits their needs.