Electrical safety

Applications :
Ground Fault Interrupter
Industrial relay

Our relay parts are made of alloy in FeNi with 50 or 80% Nickel.
From the manufacturing of the raw material made by Aperam Alloys Imphy to parts after stamping, rectification, lapping and heat treatment.
We can guarantee the global process for the best quality.

Characteristics - Finition:
Our heat treatments from 600°C to 1200°C reveal the magnetic properties of alloys that we use. The finish is very important for these products. We need to ensure a gap of less than 3µ.
Relay Parts can be coated with for example gold or silver.

Customerized parts:
Our 50 years know-how in magnetic, we manufacture Relay parts: dimensions, permeability, roughness, flatness…depending on customer needs.Computer simulations can be made with specific software involved by the research centre in Imphy.These parts are delivered cleaned ready to be assembled.