The magnetic cores 
A proven experience and the knowledge of the magnetic alloys allow Aperam Alloys Amilly to propose the magnetic cores optimized for your applications either with "stamp and stack" technology or with "rolled up" technology. 
To produce inductances, transformers and sensors, the used alloys are:
- FeSi low losses in HIB quality thickness 0,27 mm
- FeNi (Permimphy and Supra50)
- Nanophy, nanocrystalline alloy used to realize cores with high permeability (30 000 < µ < 500 000) or low permeability (200 < µ < 3 000)
The high and medium permeability Nanophy cores range 
The nanocrystalline physical structure of Nanophy and its magnetic properties return this inevitable alloy for the new generation applications of:

- Electrical human safety
- Filtering of asymmetric interferences (common mode inductance)
- Filtering of harmonious and spike killers
- Signal processing
- Sensors 

The magnetic cores Nanophy, of which the permeability is determined by heat treatment, has exceptional characteristics which you will find in the download section. Compared to the other usually used alloys, Nanophy cores have real benefits which intend them for demanding electronic applications.   

The production process allow to produce standard cores but also specific.Cores can be toroidal, oval or can have of specific shapes (square or rectangular with rounded edges) The cores can be delivered naked, cased, or protected with epoxy coating or with a thin protective varnish.  
The nanocrystalline cores low permeability range 
Aperam Alloys Amilly innovates with the nanocrystalline materials low permeability. The new range of " kµ " cores is more particularly intended for filters, PFC, storage inductance, smoothing inductance, transformers for SMPS, PLC, …   " kµ " cores are a high-performance variant of powder cores (ferrite)

- To reduce losses
- For a high cutoff  frequency
- For a high tolerance to the continuous current
- For an excellent linearity
- For a wide range temperatures operation 

Aperam Alloys Amilly introduces the new " kµ " cores range and offers you the possibility to design your optimized magnetic circuit.
The used production process allow to produce standard and specific cores.  
Our technical team is at your disposal to bring you its expertise, acquired for 50 years, in the field of the magnetic items and supply you all the information necessary for the study, for the design and for the production of your magnetic cores. 
Willing to provide you the best support and service, Aperam Alloys Amilly has built in China a second production unit for mass volume.
Always, feel free to contact our worldwide network of partners and agents that stay at our disposal.