Our bimetallic stamped parts are made by a metal stamping process from materials consisting in a combination of two to three alloys with coefficients of expansion very different, closely related over their entire contact surface by plating. (Co-rolling)

The alloys used for the thermostatic bimetals are:

INVAR® (Fe Ni 36)

N42 (Fe Ni 42)

NC4 (Fe Ni 23 Cr 3)

B72M (Mn  72 Ni 10 Cu 18) 

B6M (Fe Ni 21 Mn 6).

All those alloys combined together product range coverage.


From the alloys elaboration by Aperam Alloys Imphy to the parts manufacturing by Aperam Alloys Amilly, the entire process is under control for the best quality insurance.  They represent a convenient and space-saving mean to transform thermal effect to a mechanical movement, effort or work. 

The bonded bimetal parts are used in a wide variety of products and applications for which feature functions may be:

1- Regulation of a device (thermostatic function) 

2 - The control of a trigger at a given temperature under the effect of current flowing through the Bimetal (heating by Joule effect direct) or by transfer temperature (Joule indirect) 

3 –transmission of motion to produce a mechanical force by the thermal effect (smoke exhaust valve systems)

4 - The compensation for temperature variations depending on the expansion of a gas. (Gas Meters)