Amilly Precision Stamping

The products we stamp have high quality requirements, both for accuracy and repeatability, with dimensional and geometric to 1/100th and μ.

We provide product development from the prototype phase through to the industrial stage. Our equipment to produce large quantity series A range of automatic high speed presses ranging from 15 to 100 Tonnes(ESSA, BRUDERER, MINSTER…) Extensive experience in the cutting of bimetal alloys, controlled expansion alloys, Fe / Si, Fe / Ni, Fe / Co, precision stainless steel in a thickness range    from 0.05 to 2.5 mm & width ranging  from 3 to 200 mm.A structured autonomous workshop, with each press being equipped with an SPC computer network

Highly qualified operators trained in setting precision tools ensure compliance with the requirements of our customers

Monitoring tools by computerized records of lives Prototypes and small quantity series To meet the needs of prototyping and small quantity series, we use technology such as LASER LAN or EDM.

Know-how in design and production of cutting tools

We design and use tools: - "Progressive" with which we conduct all operations of cutting, bending, tapping, arasing, marking and stamping.

- "Bloc Suisse "for small quantities and where the accuracy and flatness of the products require.Our tools are designed to last and are made from steel for performing consistently high level of accuracy and a maximum capability.

Deburring and degreasing

To carry out these finishing operations, we are equipped with vibrating machines and centrifuges. To work in compliance with respect of the environment, waste products (grease, degreasers, metallic dust) were filtered and treated.