Our challenge:
To work alongside you to develop the product and features best suited to your requirements and your economic constraints.
To assist you in the creation of an individually adapted supply chain tailored specifically to your workflow and your location from sourcing the raw material through to supplying the finished product.
To provide you with first class Technical Assistance.
Our international Sales Network works closely with engineers and technicians based in our factory in Amilly, who, when needed, can assist at ground level. We work in partnership with our customers, with mutual trust and professionalism, which we believe is beneficial for both parties in achieving optimal use of products.

Our Network’s local market knowledge, backed with our material expertise, provides the basis for offering products tailored to your individual needs:
- New dimensions
- Higher specifications features - More streamlined range of products
- Tooling modification Our innovation drives your development

Backed by the renowned Research and Development Center of Aperam Alloys Imphy, the strength of our marketing and technical teams lies in their determination to:
- Promote innovation and transform it into practical solutions
- Develop a time frame to suit your requirements
- Provide you with our experience in product development
Our philosophy:
To develop the products of the future and to lead your developments in collaboration with your project teams within defined protocols.