Leadership Team


The members of the Company's senior management are set forth below. They are members of the Leadership Team, which is entrusted with the day-to-day management of the Company. The members of the Leadership Team are appointed and dismissed by the Board of Directors. The Leadership Team may exercise only the authority granted to it by the Board of Directors.

Name Position within the Company
Timoteo Di Maulo* Chief Executive Officer
Sandeep Jalan Chief Financial Officer
Vanisha Mittal Bhatia Chief Strategy Officer
Nicolas Changeur Chief Marketing Officer for Stainless & Electrical Steel
Bernard Hallemans Chief Operating Officer Stainless & Electrical Steel Europe
Bert Lyssens Head of Sustainability, Human Resources and Communications 
Frederico Ayres Lima Chief Operating Officer Stainless & Electrical Steel South America 
Frédéric Mattei Chief Executive Officer Alloys & Specialties

Secretary to the Leadership Team: Mr. Guillaume Bazetoux, Head of Finance  

*Mr. Timoteo Di Maulo, CEO,  holds interim responsibilities for Services & Solutions since July 1, 2017