Corporate Policies


This page lists Aperam's corporate policies.

>  Anti Fraud Policy - EN pdf icon

This policy applies to any irregularity involving Aperam employees and, subject to contractual relations, might involve stakeholders, consultants, vendors, contractors, outside agencies and any other parties having a business relationship with the Aperam group.

Energy Policy - ENpdf icon  FR pdf icon

The purpose fo this policy is to promote efficient use and conservation of energy to master our costs and assume our societal and environmental responsibilities.

Environmental Policy - ENpdf icon  FR pdf icon

The purpose of this policy is to promote environmental excellence through key principles and incorporate it in all our processing activities.

>  Health and Safety Policy - ENpdf icon

This policy outlines our commitment to Health and Safety as a core component of our “made for life" brand promise. 

>  Risk Management Policy - ENpdf icon

Aperam's Risk Management Policy aims to establish a set of effective risk management processes embedded within the organisation as an inherent part its culture. It is a key element to make Aperam competitive and sustainable by enhancing our operational effectiveness and creating wealth for all stakeholders. 

>  Human Rights Policy - ENpdf icon

Aperam’s Human Rights Policy expresses our respect for all Human Rights. It focuses on the areas that have been identified as priorities for our industry.

>  Code for sustainable Sourcing and Purchasing - ENpdf icon

Aperam’s Code of Sustainability for Sourcing and Purchasing communicates how we will work with our suppliers and asks them to meet minimum health and safety, human rights, ethical and environmental standards set out in the Policy. We encourage our suppliers to work with us to identify and develop ongoing performance improvements to our sustainable procurement programme. We hope that this Code will promote sustainable business practices by our suppliers. 

>  Aperam Code of  Business Conduct - EN pdf icon  FR pdf icon  PT pdf icon  NL pdf icon  ES pdf icon  IT pdf icon  CZ pdf icon  PL pdf icon CN pdf icon  TK pdf icon  DE pdf icon

This Code of Business Conduct is designed to help us understand our ethical and legal obligations in handling the Company's business. Although this code of conduct does not cover every issue that may arise, it is intended to establish guidelines to which we can refer in situations where the proper course of conduct may not seem clear.

         Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy - EN pdf icon  FR pdf icon  CH pdf icon TK pdf icon

Aperam has adopted ‘zero tolerance’ approach concerning any acts or attempts in relation to corruption and bribery wherever it does business or intends to do business. This policy is relevant to all staff, including Management and Directors of Aperam and all of its subsidiaries. It is also relevant to any third party acting on behalf of or in the interest of Aperam and/or its subsidiaries, including in case of a joint venture with another company or organization.

In addition to these policies, Aperam has adopted a number of related internal company procedures, such as a Whistleblowing Procedure. 

       > Anti-Money Laundering / Counter-terrorism Financing Policy - EN pdf icon

The aim of this Policy is to implement Anti-Money Laundering principles and standards adopted by Aperam to ensure appropriate set of measures against money laundering and terrorist financing occurrences.This policy is relevant to all staff, including Management and Directors of Aperam and all of its subsidiaries.
      > Group Tax Policy - EN pdf icon

The aim of this policy is to implement a sustainable Group Tax Policy. The policy applies to all tax professionals dealing with significant Aperam operations and transactions with tax implications, in particular to all finance directors of all the legal entities and financial and tax stuff.
      > Antitrust Compliance Policy - EN pdf icon

Aperam is committed to strict observance of the competition laws of the countries in which it does business and to the avoidance of any conduct that could be considered illegal. This policy is relevant to all staff, including Management and Directors of Aperam and all of its subsidiaries. 
       >  Aperam Gift Policy - EN pdf icon  TK pdf icon

       >  Aperam Transport Charter EN pdf icon

       >  Privacy Policy for third party pdf icon

At Aperam, we take privacy and confidentiality matters very seriously. We have developed this privacy policy for third parties (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) to clearly define our ongoing commitment to protecting privacy rights and to explain how we collect, use and disclose the personal information as required by applicable law or as we require in the course of fulfilling our professional responsibilities and operating our business.