General Purchasing and RM Sourcing 


You will find hereunder the referenced Aperam's standard General Purchasing Conditions. They are part of all our contractual relationships with our suppliers.


  • General purchasing conditions

- English Versionpdf icon

  • General conditions for service purchases

- English Version pdf icon

- French Version pdf icon

  • General conditions for capital purchases

- English Version pdf icon

- French Version pdf icon

  • Acceptance form GCSP 2013 - Acceptance form for General Conditions of Service Purchasing 2013

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  • Code for sustainable Sourcing and Purchasing

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  • General Health and Safety Instructions for subcontractors

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- Dutch Versionpdf icon

- German Version pdf icon 


 The revised contractual conditions include provisions related to safety, intellectual property and penalties-damages. They are deployed throughout Aperam by our Purchasing and Legal teams.

Download these standard General Purchasing Conditions for your study when doing business with Aperam. You may contact your local Buyer at Aperam for details or specific concerns.




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